A new agreement at University of Toronto

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The University of Toronto Faculty Association (UTFA) has achieved a seven per cent pay increase, retroactive to July 1, 2022, for the third year of their 2020-2023 agreement. The seven per cent is in addition to the one per cent already awarded for each year of the agreement, resulting in a compounded total of 10.17 per cent for UTFA members over the three-year period. The increase also applies to the overload course rate.

Gains on workload were also achieved through revisions to the workload policy. The amount of technical and pedagogical support provided for teaching will now be considered as a relevant factor in considering workload. All academic departments are now required to prepare an Annual Workload Document and share it with members of the unit and UTFA by June 30 of each year. This addresses a longstanding concern of UTFA members around the lack of transparency for assigned workloads with respect to teaching, service, mode of delivery, class size, teaching assistant support, and course release.

These improvements were set out in an arbitration award issued by Eli Gedalof earlier this month. Following Justice Koehnen’s striking down of Bill 124 as unconstitutional, UTFA had requested that Arbitrator Gedalof consider proposals on further salary increases, in addition to outstanding workload proposals. This most recent award follows an earlier mediated settlement and subsequent arbitration award.


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