2012 Workshop – Navigating the Academy: Lessons and Strategies for More Equitable Universities


Workshop Slides:


Keynote: Professor Carla Fehr, Wolfe Chair in Science and Technology Studies and Chair in Science and Technology Literacy, University of Waterloo

Tenure and Promotion: Intersections of Gender, Race and Class

Professor Michelle Webber, Brock University    Download

Professor Gerald de Montigny,  Carleton University and Chair, OCUFA Grievance Committee

 How Academic Excellence is Defined and What It Takes to Excel 

Professor Helene Cummins, Brescia University College    Download

Professor Aniko Varpalotai, University of Western Ontario and Chair, OCUFA Collective Bargaining Committee

 Workplace Bullying and How to Deal With It 

Professor Patrizia Gentile, Carleton University

Cathy Lace, Counsel, Sack Goldblatt Mitchell    Download

Saying Yes to the Right Things: Managing Your Academic Career    Download

Professor Shannon Dea, University of Waterloo

Professor Kathleen Okruhlik, University of Western Ontario