The election special newsletter

Provincial elections are an ideal time for faculty associations to connect with their members. Election newsletters can provide important party platform and voting information. They can also help build greater awareness and solidarity on campus. Newsletters need not only go to faculty; they can also be distributed to students, other unions, and the broader community.

Possible content could include:

  • Voting information: Key dates, riding boundaries, voting times, advance polls, candidate names, contact information for campaign offices, times, and places of all-candidates meetings.
  • Questionnaire results: Prior to the election, OCUFA will circulate draft candidate questionnaires to send to local candidates. The answers can be included as part of the newsletter. Care must be taken to treat all candidates fairly and objectively, while giving an accurate description of their positions.
  • Candidate profiles: One of the prime objectives of a faculty association’s involvement in the election is to generate interest among members and provide information which will help place postsecondary issues before the candidates and the public.It is important that faculty members have information about the candidates. A profile giving the service record and biographical information of the candidates, accompanied by a photograph, will be helpful. You can contact the campaign headquarters of each candidate to get accurate biographical information and photos.
  • Party platform report card: OCUFA will be grading each party on its postsecondary education platform in advance of the election. These grades will be based on the commitments each party makes in their platform as well as a questionnaire OCUFA will send to each party asking them about their positions on OCUFA priorities.
  • Issues profile: Your newsletter may want to highlight OCUFA’s election advocacy priorities. You may also want to highlight campus-specific concerns. Issues should be expressed in a straight-forward, journalistic style.