Crafting a Letter to the Editor

Letters to the Editor?

Most newspapers, magazines and blogs allow their readers to comment on articles or editorials instantaneously online. However, the letter to the editor can still be an effective communications tool that allows you to put your messages in front of a wide audience. Letters pages remain one of the most-read sections in newspapers. Many politicians also use letter pages to informally sample public opinion.

Letters can be sent whenever you have an opinion to express but are most effective when they fit into your messaging strategy.

Placing a Letter to the Editor

Most newspapers and magazines have a dedicated email address for submitting letters, available on their websites.

Timeliness is important with letters. Be sure to respond to an article or editorial immediately to attract the most interest.

Tips for effective Letters to the Editor

  • Always use a straightforward, conversational style. Humour is often effective in letters to the editor.
  • The best letters are short and simple—stick to a length of about 200 words and focus on one key point.
  • Include contact information when you submit the letter.