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CBC’s Eastern Ontario news magazine took a look at university underfunding yesterday, and did a great job in highlighting the issues not being discussed in the provincial election. Namely, that institutions are short of cash for teaching and research, and this needs to be addressed by the Government. OCUFA gets a nice shout out, as […]

With a mere eight days of campaigning left, Ontario’s close election campaign may come down to tonight’s leader debate. So what should faculty and students be looking for? Higher education will likely come up during the debate, especially after the Liberal-NDP spat over per-student funding. There are two big policy questions at play here: How […]

OCUFA’s Quality Matters campaign has a simple message: our universities are under-funded, and this needs to be fixed. In order to control tuition, hire more faculty and renew our facilities, the 2011 election candidates must make higher education a priority.

You can help us spread the word
In a few easy steps, the Quality Matters website allows you to send an email to each of your local candidates asking them to make higher education a priority. Please take a few moments to send a message, and please spread the word to your friends and colleagues.
Every email makes a difference.

OCUFA is pleased to announce the winners of its prestigious Teaching and Academic Librarianship Awards. Since 1973, these awards have recognized exceptional contributions to the quality of higher education in Ontario. This year’s winners are no exception. Each exemplifies the dedication and spirit of innovation that defines Ontario’s professors and academic librarians. The 2010-2011 award […]

This election, every political party is making promises about postsecondary education that will affect academic staff, students, and their families. Let’s look at what they’re proposing.
Not surprisingly, tuition fees are a big issue. The Liberals are promising a 30 per cent tuition fee reduction for university undergraduate and college students from low- and middle-income families. The reduction […]

OCUFA Election Manual

The resources compiled for OCUFA’s June Election Workshop are now available online in PDF form. This includes up-to-date candidate listings and briefing notes. Access the manual now .