TORONTO – Ontario’s university faculty were troubled to learn the results of the Ontario Government’s Student Voices on Sexual Violence survey released today. It is deeply disturbing that over 63 per cent of university students surveyed disclosed an experience of sexual harassment and that sexual violence remains so pervasive on campus. These results point to […]

Students come to university to learn, but only so much can be learned from a textbook. Active, engaged learning happens in the classroom when professors get to know students – their interests and their goals. In this new video from OCUFA, Ontario students talk about how their professors have helped them succeed. Their stories illustrate […]

Next Tuesday, March 19, Tanya Talaga will be delivering the 2019 Worldviews Lecture on Media and Higher Education. The lecture is sold out, but we are streaming it online for free. Truth and reconciliation in higher education and the media: What are the responsibilities? What is needed to overcome the legacy of colonialism? When: Tuesday, […]

Join students from across Ontario in a walk out on Wednesday, March 20 at 12 pm. The walk out is designed to demonstrate to the Ontario government that attacks on students and student union democracy will not be tolerated. Students will be walking out of classes and calling on the government to: provide more grants, […]

In early 2018, OCUFA formed an ad hoc committee on university governance with a mandate to collect data on the current governance practices of Ontario universities and articulate a vision for collegial governance. This initiative resulted from an increasing concern among faculty associations about the erosion of collegial governance at Ontario’s universities. The committee’s research […]

On March 25, the Ontario Federation of Labour is hosting a province-wide conference in Toronto that will bring together labour leaders, activists, and community allies. At the conference, participants will develop strategies for mobilizing our workplaces and communities to more effectively push back against the regressive agenda of the Doug Ford government. This one-day conference […]

The Queen’s University Faculty Association has ratified a three-year agreement with the Queen’s University administration. Members of QUFA also voted yes in the consent vote for the conversion of the pension plan to the University Pension Plan. If the UPP is created, the expiry of the Collective Agreement will move from April 30 to June […]

On Saturday, February 9 and Sunday, February 10, OCUFA held its second Board of Directors meeting of the 2018-19 academic year. Over the weekend, board members discussed the organization’s current priorities – good jobs, university funding, and capacity building – with a focus on challenges to the postsecondary sector under the current government. During a […]

Mark your calendars! On Tuesday, March 19th, 2019, the Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations, the Center for the Study of Canadian and International Higher Education at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education-University of Toronto, the Ryerson School of Journalism, Inside Higher Ed, and University World News will be hosting the fifth annual Worldviews […]

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  • Fairness for Contract Faculty

    Fairness for Contract Faculty

    Too many contract faculty have to reapply for their jobs every term, are hired to teach courses for which they are paid less than their full‐time tenure‐stream colleagues, and lack access to benefits. It’s time to recognize the contribution contract faculty make in our university community and in the classroom.

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