The Nipissing University Faculty Association (NUFA) has filed for conciliation, as the association and the employer “are still miles apart on the issue of a financial settlement.” Faculty at Nipissing are among the lowest paid in Ontario, and are seeking a fair and reasonable wage agreement. The employer has argued that there is a financial […]

The Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT) and the UBC faculty association are calling for Chair of Board of Governors of the University British Columbia John Montalbano to step down over accusations that he interfered with the academic freedom of a faculty member . Montalbano is alleged to have criticized Jennifer Berdahl, Professor of Leadership Studies in Gender and Diversity at the Sauder School of Business, over a blog post she […]

On August 21, 2015, the Queen’s University Faculty Association (QUFA) announced that it had ratified its new collective agreement. As the Queen’s Board of Governors had already ratified the new agreement on August 18, 2015, the four-year deal is now in effect. The agreement contains yearly salary increases of 1%, 1.25%, 1.5%, and 1.75%. A […]

News broke last week that UBC President Arvind Gupta was resigning just one year into his contract . It was further revealed that Gupta would receive another full year of his presidential pay – almost $500,000. This is the latest incident around senior administrative salaries that suggests poor transparency and oversight of salary decisions at the highest level. UBC faculty are […]

Last week, the Government of Ontario  released details of the proposed Ontario Retirement Pension Plan (ORPP) . They also unveiled a new website explaining – in broad strokes –  how the plan will work . OCUFA was active in the consultations around the design of the ORPP, and  made a formal submission to government  on how the plan could benefit contract faculty. While we are working to confirm some key details, we do have some concerns […]

A feature length article in Forbes magazine suggests that the liberal arts – oft-snubbed as “irrelevant” by corporate types and their buddies in politics – are in demand in the tech sector. As author George Anders notes, “software companies are discovering that liberal arts thinking makes them stronger. The article notes that growth in software engineer positions is projected at a modest […]

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